How can you help the cause? View the videos and hear the music for free and make your own decision on the songs and the messages. Then, the songs are available for download with nationally recognized non-profit organizations benefiting from proceeds collected from the downloaded music.

Donations go directly to the organizations listed on this site to support military families in need, scholarships to children who have lost parents in conflict, and to assist our brothers and sisters who served and are in need of help.  A minimal amount of the proceeds will be used to further expand the message and support the troops through new songs, new contributing songwriters and developing musicians and artists. All of our music is done professionally right on Music Row in Nashville with top vocals, talented musicians and first class production. Why?

                                                                      Your Country Cares!


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Nobody's Hero
Your Country Cares is a site dedicated to bringing music to the people in support of our great country and by providing recognition and direct financial support to the men and women in our armed forces that have sacrificed and served us so honorably. It is our hope to contribute in our collective small way to say thanks for the freedoms we enjoy by providing financial assistance to those in need.
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