The concept was conceived and brought to life by Bobby Joe Peace, a retired Sergeant Major from the US Army Special Forces. The retired Green Beret-turned-songwriter saw an opportunity to assist his fellow men and women in uniform through his music.

Above and beyond his songs written for the mainstream country music genre, Bobby had long wanted to write a song as a tribute to those he had served with for twenty-one years. That led to his song Nobody's Hero which is offered here as one of the two available charity downloads.

The song was quickly embraced by a number of military organizations, all encouraging him to take the song to the troops and in support of the troops, as opposed to taking it through a  conventional music route. 

Nobody's Hero is a tribute to those who served and continue to serve to preserve our way of life.  It is a soldier's first-hand experience and a heartfelt piece of music that expresses the feeling of many of the troops who have been placed in harm's way to defend our precious way of life. Please have a look at the video and a listen to the song!

After Nobody's Hero was completed, Bobby began work on his latest song in support of Your Country Care's mission to help troubled and homeless Veterans.  The new song, Invisible, addresses the current situation we face with over a quarter of a million homeless veterans displaced on our streets on any given day in America. We believe this haunting musical take on the homeless will pull a heart string and cause you to ponder.  Then, to see how, through our charities, we can help and make a difference.

Well, that is about all for now on "About Us". Please spread the word and the site to those you feel that know and believe......                                                
                                                                                                         Your Country Cares!


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.....Let's worry less about why they gave up and when, then we do about who gave up on them..... from Invisible

Nobody's Hero's

Nobody's Hero
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